Writing Task 1 – UK Employment – Answer

The table reflects the level of employment of graduates in the UK broken down into UK region and whether the work is permanent, temporary or overseas.

Initially, looking at Permanent employment we can see the figures across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are all fairly similar, ranging from 35% in Northern Ireland to 46% in Scotland.

Temporary employment, the figures, although lower, are also fairly close together with only an 8% variation between the 4 countries. Wales comes out top in this area with 23% and again, Northern Ireland is lowest with only 15%.

Looking at the last sector, Overseas employment, this has by far the lowest percentage values. Here, Northern Ireland tops the table with 5% with both England and Wales on 2.3% and Scotland, 2.9%.

In summary, although the values between the 3 different types of employment are considerably different they are reasonably similar across the different countries of the UK.

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