• This course is designed for students wishing to obtain between 4 and 5.5 or higher score in the IELTS exam.


  • Students should have an IELTS level of at least 3.0 before attempting this course.
  • A computer with internet access (for forum posts)
  • A PDF file reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) 


  • Approx. 100 hours

Learning Outcomes

the IELTS Speaking Criteria for the level needed

the IELTS Writing Criteria for the level needed

Identify, Explain
and Justify Speaking and Writing methods and use them appropriately

different IELTS Reading Skills Skimming, Scanning, Mapping etc.

different IELTS Listening Skills – Context, Prediction, etc.

Extend and
improve knowledge, learning and performance and outcomes by applying methods
and techniques learnt in Speaking, Writing, Learning and Reading topics

11 reviews for IELTS Speaking Level 1

  1. Auditore Zheng (verified owner)

    wonderful !

  2. Michael Yang (verified owner)

    good job

  3. Liu Zhecheng (verified owner)

    pretty good system which i can practice my English speaking study, that i can use in my ielts exam.

  4. Yang Yixuan (verified owner)

    very good system which i can practice my English speaking very well.

  5. jasmyn990418 (verified owner)

    Good job

  6. He hongru (verified owner)

    A great course!

  7. Ma Jinghui (verified owner)

    Good job. It’s really interesting

  8. LIN HE (verified owner)

    It is an absolutely wonderful course, which has made a bigger difference to my learning!

  9. 王, 晓丹 (verified owner)

    The lesson is really good and the teacher is handsome.

  10. huang, xiaoyi (verified owner)

    Wonderful, I like the the teacher very much

  11. Kimberly Song (verified owner)

    The course is very good and the teacher is nice and handsome!

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