IELTS Level 1

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  • This course is designed for students wishing to obtain between 4 and 5.5 or higher score in the IELTS exam.


  • Students should have an IELTS level of at least 3.0 before attempting this course.
  • A computer with internet access (for forum posts)
  • A PDF file reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) 


  • Approx. 100 hours

29 reviews for IELTS Level 1

  1. SelenaZ (verified owner)

    not bad

  2. WadeW (verified owner)

    It is really easy to use. I like it. It helps me a lot.

  3. Lanny (verified owner)

    Very nice! The listening and reading is very good, it will help me to pass the IELTS. It has many exercise and has answers. I recommend it!

  4. LydiaL (verified owner)


  5. KristenQ (verified owner)

    It is useful for IELTS learning!

  6. Andy S (verified owner)

    very good

  7. MikeY (verified owner)


  8. AliceL (verified owner)

    nice course

  9. JackX (verified owner)

    Very nice! I love it.

  10. cynthia C (verified owner)

    Very useful ,thanks

  11. CeceliaZ (verified owner)

    It is uesful for me to improve my IELTS , very nice!

  12. Bellaxieyuxuan (verified owner)

    It’s very useful for me.

  13. Chloe Zhang (verified owner)


  14. Maggie (verified owner)

    so nice

  15. Zoe Sun (verified owner)

    Good course.

  16. Bless (verified owner)

    It is helpful for me in IELTS learning. It very good!

  17. Grace GU (verified owner)

    I used it last term,very useful

  18. Nancy (verified owner)

    It is easy for me to use. It helps me a lot.

  19. Emma Liu (verified owner)

    I like it! It is so convenient.

  20. Izabella CHEN (verified owner)

    nice website!I think very useful for me, I like it !

  21. Nancy (verified owner)

    It helps me a lot.

  22. Selenazeng (verified owner)

    It is really good.

  23. Emma Liu (verified owner)

    It is so convenient.

  24. kerryc (verified owner)

    Woderful, it really help me a lot on learning ielts. It has many usuful things which improve me a lot.

  25. Bless (verified owner)

    It is helpful for me. Very good!

  26. Eric C (verified owner)

    I love this course. Especially I think it is suitable to foreign students

  27. Alan Y (verified owner)


  28. CarolynL (verified owner)

    Very useful

  29. Louis Liu

    Useful book

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