Writing Task 2 – Shopping Habits – Answer

People’s shopping habits depend more on the age group they belong to than any other factors.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant  examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

It is thought that people of different ages have different shopping habits and these habits are dependent on which age group they fit into rather than any other demographic.

For me, it would really depend on the definition of ‘shopping habit’ is, as well as how the age groups are defined. I understand “shopping habits” to be any time you go out and spend money for whatever reason, not necessarily purely for clothes or food. This would include going to restaurants and perhaps the cinema or KTV as well as sports activities. I would probably define the age groups in blocks of 10 years.

If this were the case, I can see some arguments that might support this statement due to the fact that people of different ages will buy different things and at different times, but I don’t believe it is solely due to their age. For instance, some of my older friends, by about 5 years, are now married and some of them aren’t. Although they are the same age their shopping habits are completely different. The ones that are married and are now living with their husbands rather than their parents are quite often going shopping for food or other things to do with home life, whereas my friends that are unmarried mainly shop for clothes.

Another example of why it is not the unique decider, is recreation activities that different people do. I am thinking of my friends that play sport with me, sometimes twice a week. Our squash club is made up of entirely different people, with age ranges from 16 to 70; there are both women and men that play from all parts of the world including England, America, South Africa and China. So again, this “habit” has nothing at all to do with age.

In conclusion then, I totally disagree with this statement as although age might be a small contributing factor it is certainly not the most important.

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