Writing Task 2 – Manufactured Products – Example Answer

These days it is said that consumerism is on the rise; people are buying a greater quantity of manufactured items to either use, or simply own.  The following essay will describe what effects this has on both the individual and society as a whole and whether I believe this is a good thing or not.

In my opinion the effects that the expansion of consumerism has on people can vary enormously.  It is also dependant on which country you live in.   In a developing economy like China, for example, the financial ability to purchase more products is only a fairly recent phenomenon, therefore should be an expected outcome of the growth of the economy.  Purchasing more goods can give the individual a sense a pride and accomplishment and it also allow society to feel better about itself with the feeling of growth.

As for whether this is a boon or a bane, I believe that this can have potentially negative effects, as what starts off fairly inconspicuously as being able to own a little more, can become an obsession and fall under the “keeping up the Jones’s” syndrome.  If managed and controlled properly however, excessive purchasing may be controlled and therefore be of great benefit to the country’s economy and its society as a whole.

In conclusion, I believe that if controlled properly and sensibly the effects on both the person and society as a whole can be positive but, if it is just “let loose” can do irreparable harm, change the society and damage the economy.

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