Writing Task 2 – Charities – Example answer

These days different companies, charities and the like are bringing in their own special “days”.  The examples given are “National Children’s Day” and “National Non-Smoking Day”.  The following essay will explain why I believe these entities are creating these anomalous days and whether, or not, they can be effective.

To begin with, I believe the main reason that organisations create these days is marketing.  Whether this be the Red Cross, Children in Need from the charity side of things, or AliBaba and JingDong, from the commercial side, I believe that the purpose is the same: to highlight the organisations activities and raise money.  This can be shown either as enormous profits for a company, or increased awareness for a charity cause.

The increased popularity and the rising number of ‘special days’ shows us that the idea is a good one and that more and more organisations are jumping on the band wagon.  I have seen news reports showing ‘record sales’ for AliBaba year on year since “singles day” emerged.  I’m unfamiliar with the exact numbers of people that have stopped smoking because of the Non-Smoking Day” but would assume it is also popular, and rising, for the main reason being that it is still happening.

In conclusion, I believe that these days are being introduced more and more and this in itself shows the effectiveness of the concept.  It is now a worldwide phenomenon with a greater number of global organisations developing their own “days”.  In my opinion, this trend is only set to continue and grow.

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