Writing Task 1 – Office Map – Answer

Looking at the existing layout, as you walk in the entrance you are in the reception. There are 4 offices on the left with the kitchen, canteen, stockroom and toilet directly ahead of you. There are 2 outside grass areas on both the left and right sides.

Comparing the design of the future development, it will change considerably. As you walk in through the entrance now into the reception area, there will be a single office on both the left and the right. The right hand side “grass” area will be converted into an inside meeting area with a coffee machine and the toilet will be moved from the reception area to this newly built enclosure. The kitchen and canteen will also be replaced by 2 offices, but the stockroom will remain untouched. The left-hand side grass area will now have seating added in order to create and “outdoor seating area”.

In summary, there seems to be more areas for people to sit and meet but the amount of actual offices remains the same.

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