Writing Task 1 – Driving Licence Application – Example answer

The flow chart process given illustrates how people, in one particular US state, can obtain a driving licence.  Is seems to be broken down into 3 main stages; at the licence centre, payment, and testing.

When looking at the first part, prospective drivers must initially visit the licence centre and complete an application form.  Once this is completed, an eye test is performed.  If this is failed, people will not be able to apply further, if passed they will need to pay a fee.  The amount of the fee is not shown.

Moving onto the testing section, there are two different tests shown; a written test and a driving test.  The written test comes first and candidates are given 3 attempts to pass this.  If they fail after the third attempt they must pay the fee again.  If they pass, they will move onto the practical driving test.  Only one attempt is allowed at this.  If they fail, people must make an additional payment, however, if they pass it, they will receive a valid US state driving licence.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Task 1 – Driving Licence Application – Example answer

  1. Given flowchart illustrates the regular process to anyone who is applying for driving licence.
    from chart we can tell that ,it takes six main steps to get the licence with excluding failures.
    Firstly, person had to visit the licence issuing centre, he/she should fill the application for further procedure. in Next step, the applicant had to get his/her eye tested which is main step of the whole process, if the person failed in this test ,will not be eligible to get license. On the other hand , people who succeeded this step had to pay the fee and should take the written test , whereas positive results leads to next step while candidates with negative results can re-take written test until they pass the exam. The next step of the process is driving test and it is the final test in this process , candidates who are qualified in this step will be issued driving licence while candidates who are not , can pay the fee again and should repeat process until they passed in driving test.

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