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A series of lectures by
Mrs. Hendrika Foster

All at SUGI are delighted to support Mrs. Hendrika Foster in promoting her new series of online Art History lectures.

They begin Tuesday 13th October from 6-7pm (UK Time) with a free introductory  called “The Power of Images”

Click the following link to register:

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In this online lecture, you will be invited to consider the effect that notable works of art have had on the viewer, over the centuries. 

A work of art is always deliberately contrived by the artist.  To understand it one needs to consider why it was made, who was intended to see it and who would benefit from paying for its production. 

Art from the Ancient Greeks to the 18th century is rarely in its original location, which necessarily needs a mental shift by the viewer when trying to glean the full story of it.

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Hendrika’s career began at the University of Bristol. She has lectured in Florence, at the British Institute, and in London, at the British Italian Society.

Hendrika has tutored over forty Art study tours in Italy and The Netherlands. Currently, she lectures at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and online.

You can see an interview with Mrs. Foster at:


Mrs. H. Foster – Interview about her new lecture series


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