IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking Mock test/雅思口语模拟

Posted on​ 雅思詹姆斯 4 October 2018/2018十月四号 2.30-3.30pm – Class 1/下午2.30-3.30 – 第一课 4.00-5.00pm – Class 2/下午4.00-5.00 – 第二课 I’m doing some IELTS speaking mock tests(雅思口语模拟) on Thursday 4th October(十月四号) from 2.30pm(下午2。30). You can book on 100RMB discount for coupon holders! (Must be a member of the SUGI IELTS Mailing List or the 雅思詹姆斯 WeChat […]