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Listening Tip 4 – 听力贴士4

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Listening Tip 4 The are 4 parts to the test. Part 1 is a social conversation between 2 people.  Part 2 is a monologue (1 person speaking) about everyday things.  Part 3 is an academic conversation between 2 or more people.  Part 4 is an academic monologue (maybe a tutor giving a lecture). 听力贴士4 总共有4个部分。第一部分是两个人之间的日常对话。第二部分是一段独白,主题可以涉及到和广泛。第三部分是两个人或者以上的学术方面的对话。第四部分是一段独白,主题还是学术(例:导师的讲课).