Writing Tip 3 – 写作贴士3

Writing Tip 3

Examiners measure you on Task Achievement (Task 1) or Task Response (Task 2), Coherence and Cohesion, Vocabulary and Grammatical Range and Accuracy.  Make sure you’ve read the criteria, and understand it, before you do the exam.  You can download it here – http://ielts.sino-united.com/ielts-exam-info/academic-writing-info


考官评估你的成绩基于任务的达标(Task1)或关于任务的反应(Task2),流利度和连贯性,词汇和对于掌握语法的范围和准确度。你需要做的是确保你已经阅读并熟知了考试评估标准在考试之前。如果你没有考试评估标准,你可以在这里下载 – http://ielts.sino-united.com/ielts-exam-info/academic-writing-info

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